Psy Impersonator Crashes Cannes, Tricks Everyone

Taryn Ryder
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Well, that's certainly one way to party crash!

A Psy impostor has been hobnobbing around the French Riviera at the Cannes Film Festival this week, tricking partygoers and organizers into thinking he's the real Korean popstar and gaining access to many of the A-List parties.

An onlooker at the famed Torch Beach Club on Wednesday told the New York Post, "He had three security standing with him at all times, surrounding the table in suits and earpieces ... Scamming free drinks and bottle service, including bottles of Cristal Rose."

For what it's worth, the Torch Beach Club is where Justin Timberlake has been regularly spotted hanging out.

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But Faux-Psy didn't stop at accepting free drinks! Apparently, he even agreed to play an upcoming show at Cannes club VIP Room and another in Monaco. How kind of him!

Psy's doppelganger also fooled a few photo agencies including FilmMagic — they labeled the photo above as "Psy being escorted by security to the Martinez hotel on May 21." The captions have since been changed.

As for some of the invited Cannes guests themselves, "Skyfall" beauty Naomi Harris thought she was hanging out with Psy, tweeting:

However, the actress later made fun of herself for the mistake, tweeting, "It looks as if we've been fooled, that wasn't the real @psy_oppa! Could anyone else tell from the picture? Or am I just going crazy!? Haha!" [Related: Psy Thanks Green Day's Billie Joe Armstrong for the Diss] So how is the real Psy taking it? The original "Gangnam Style" guru appears to be taking the impersonation in stride:

While real Psy is in Singapore this week, no word yet on where faux Psy will go next. Or, if he'll have any charges filed against him!

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