Pregnant Jessica Simpson Shops in Her Sweats

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First-time pregnant Kim Kardashian may be dressing up her bump in tight designer clothes and high heels, but Jessica Simpson has "been there, done that."

Pregnant with her second child, the "Fashion Star" mentor went on a shopping spree in Beverly Hills on Wednesday decidedly dressed down in a black track jacket, teal blue sweatpants (in honor of her baby boy?), and blue-and-green sneakers.

Simpson looked so comfy, she could have stretched out in a dressing room for a nap! The 32-year-old has said she has been so exhausted during this pregnancy … perhaps because she’s also busy running around after her 11-month-old daughter, Maxwell.

Despite the little girl being "a really good sleeper," Simpson recently said parenting has been "a little bit hard because I'm so tired from this pregnancy. Maybe when I have two I'll be less tired, but I don’t know about that … I think originally I had wanted three [kids], and now that I have one and another one on the way, I feel like I could stop here. It's a lot of work. Obviously it pays off and it's totally worth it, but it's a lot of responsibility."

There hasn't been a lot of rest for Simpson, who is due in July with a son. Over the weekend, she and sister Ashlee – as well as adorable Maxwell – were at a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina, to promote the Jessica Simpson Girl's Collection. Also on hand: her fiancé Eric Johnson. The former NFL player was being "very attentive," reported Us Weekly, "making sure that she feels fine."

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