Potential Names for Drew Barrymore’s Next Baby

Lauren Schutte
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Now that Drew Barrymore has confirmed she’s having her second child with husband Will Koppelman, the pair will need to think of names for their daughter Olive’s new baby sister or brother.
And upon first glance, one might assume the couple used their local grocery store as inspiration for their 13-month-old daughter’s moniker, but Barrymore, 38, actually revealed she picked Olive’s name after reading a book about pregnancy!

“I would never have guessed that would have been the name” the actress told Ellen DeGeneres last year. “But I was reading a book with my husband. I was three months pregnant and they said, ‘your baby is the size of an olive,’ and that was it. We never looked back.”

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If Barrymore decides to turn to the same source for inspiration, there are plenty of baby size-to food comparisons to choose from.

Poppy: According to babycenter.com, at four weeks, the baby is the size of a poppy seed, so if Barrymore and Kopleman have another daughter, this could be her name!

Lentil: At six weeks, the growing child is said to be no bigger than a lentil seed. The family could model a Mediterranean feast after their children’s names if they went with this option.

Lemon: Barrymore could represent a different side of the sour food spectrum by choosing the fruit that’s associated with the 14th week of pregnancy.

Apple: Odds are low that she’d use the moniker Gwyneth Paltrow gave to her eldest (and the 15 week baby size comparison), but stranger things have happened!

Turnip: Barrymore, sold the Montecito, California, farm house where she wed Kopelman in the backyard, but she might chose the name of a root vegetable out of nostalgia.

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Coconut: Perhaps she’ll chose to represent the tropical trees of her native California and name her child after it’s 31 week fruit counterpart.

Pumpkin: With the fall announcement of baby number two’s existence and the sweet connotations, the 38th week fruit might not be a bad way to go.

Whatever, Barrymore and Kopleman choose to name baby number two, one thing’s for sure: It won’t be the baby’s size at eight weeks — the kidney bean.

“Kidney’s not such a fun name,” Barrymore joked with DeGeneres.

What do you think Drew should name her second child?