From Police Activity to Bedroom Footage: There’s Drama at Every Turn for Justin Bieber in South America

Suzy Byrne
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Maybe Justin Bieber should have skipped the South American leg of his tour?

After being photographed leaving a brothel, exercising his newfound graffiti skills, and storming off stage after being hit with a flying object during one of his shows, the 19-year-old singer is again in the spotlight for his shenanigans in the southern hemisphere.

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Most buzzy is a new YouTube video — taken by a mystery lady friend — of the star in bed. The clip, which was purportedly taken in Brazil — the same country where he visited a gentleman's club with a pal — shows the young woman filming a snoozing Bieber, who is wearing a white tank top, which shows off his distinctive arm tattoos. The brunette, whose shirt straps are off her shoulders, then turns the camera on herself — giving a few of the room, which had a zebra-print lamp in the corner — and blows the star kisses.

While a rep for the singer wouldn't comment to "omg! Insider" about the video, a source told TMZ it was shot at a rented home outside of Rio de Janeiro. The Biebs had an afterparty there with about 50 people and the insider claims that when he fell asleep the woman shot footage of him. The source added that the woman was just a partygoer — and not a, ahem, prostitute. The woman has since reportedly been identified as Tatiana Neves Barbosa. She is Brazilian and the winner of the 2012 Miss Bikini Wellness pageant.

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Beyond the TMI glimpse of the boudoir, the spray painting aficionado has been charged by officials in Rio de Janeiro with illegally defacing a building or urban monument by graffiti, according to the BBC. After the "Boyfriend" vocalist was photographed "decorating" a wall of the former Hotel Nacional, he was slapped with the crime, which typically includes a punishment of a fine but can include up to one year in jail. Before his fans start making up "free Bieber" T-shirts, however, it should be known that officials described the case to the BBC as "a minor offense." The singer's rep wouldn't comment to "omg! Insider" about that either.

Despite the charge, the star didn't seem worried about potential repercussions. "Who's gon stop me," he wrote defiantly on Instagram early Thursday, along with a photo of himself picking up a can of spray paint. "This is my escape," he captioned another photo of him actually in the act. However he noted in the final photo, "Every place I have tagged has been approved I do not suggest tagging private property."

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While we're not sure what exactly his approval process is, we were amused by another comment he wrote, about his street art skills: "I still suck but i have fun doing it." That's because, as we pointed out last week, he's not exactly Banksy — and his graffiti tribute to his dead hamster was ... peculiar.

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And in yet further drama down south, video found by the cast of VH1's "Gossip Table" surfaced of fans doing a meet and greet with Bieber after a show — something they can pay extra to do — and they appeared to be treated like cattle by his security staff. After a seconds long photo opp with the star, they were grabbed by a bodyguard and pushed out the door.

Perhaps in response to that, Bieber posted a photo early Thursday morning with two female fans, writing, "These are the first beliebers I met in Argentina. You are my all."

Bieber's South American tour comes to an end next week, then he's off to Mexico for a couple shows before landing in Australia, where he will stay into early December.

So if you live in either place, please consider yourself warned.