Personal Shoppers Dish: The Gifts Celebs Will Be Getting and Giving This Holiday

Raechal Leone Shewfelt
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Sorry to break it to Santa, but celebs are actually responsible for putting the most impressive loot under the tree during the holiday season.

Their secret — besides a big budget! — is hiring a personal shopper to find the perfect gift. After all, who has time to schlepp around from store to store when you've got a new project to film or promote?

And, as you might expect, A-Listers don't skimp on luxury.

"Million Dollar Shoppers" star Derek Roche, a personal shopper and stylist who's worked with celebs such as Sean "Diddy" Combs, Nicki Minaj, and Mark Wahlberg, reveals that he's picked out some pretty pricey presents.

"I've given a $25,000 crocodile clutch from Tom Ford as a holiday gift," he shares. "Just as a one-off, it's just a close friendship. A lot of people who are successful and powerful, it's because they built their empire on relationships."

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Dana Tycher Reisman, who owns the New York-based DTR Styles, notes that although the celeb isn't always the one doing the actual shopping, he or she definitely does care about what presents get wrapped with their name attached.

"Celebs really like to go above and beyond when giving people on their glam squads or [public relations] teams holiday gifts," Reisman explains. "And surprisingly, I think they put lot of thought into it."

Here are some of the gifts that personal shoppers say Hollywood's elite will be giving and getting this year:

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  • Tom Ford clothing or accessories for men and women: "Tom Ford is like the new Tiffany," Roche notes of the brand that's available at upscale stores such as Bergdorf Goodman. "You can't go wrong with him. and he has everything from [glasses made of] antelope horns and cigar cutters to 14-karat gold bracelets for men. He has crocodile weekender bags and amazing bow ties and neckties."
  • Women's shoes by Christian Louboutin or Giuseppe Zanotti: Fancy footwear from one of these two designers, which start at several hundred dollars, can be spotted on every red carpet in Tinseltown.
  • Edie Parker clutches: The fun accessories have a serious price tag, with many of them costing more than $1,000!
  • Anything personalized — and we do mean anything!: Jewelry is a classic in any year, but Nicole Pollard, the founder of L.A.-based personal shopping company LalaLuxe, recalls a client giving something that required a much bigger box. "I have a certain celebrity who gifted his friend — who is a sailor — a Balmain sailboat and then monogrammed the wood with his initials," Pollard says.
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  • Céline bags and accessories for women: This is an option for the celeb who wants to spend several thousand dollars on a bag, albeit one from a trendy label that the recipient is almost guaranteed to love. Roche noted that he'd recently fulfilled a request for one and the price was a whopping $6,000.
  • Knuckle rings by Jennifer Fisher: The blingy baubles, which start at $2,000, can be personalized.
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  • Noise-canceling headphones: Big ticket electronics are just as popular with the famous as they are with all those people at Best Buy!
  • La Prairie: The Caviar Collection skin creams: In case the stars or their friends and family need any help keeping their youthful glow, these little miracle workers-in-a-bottle ring up at $150 to $900 each.
  • Indulgent experiences: Always in vogue, spa packages and weekend getaways give celebs a chance to step back from their pampered lives and, you know, get even more pampered!

And in the rare instance that a celeb doesn't like a present that he or she has been given, they can always regift, as people in the industry often do. "Celebs get so many gifts and especially [at] this time of year," Reisman says. "They absolutely regift. And it's smart! If they know they won't use it, then why not?"

After all, there's always another celebrity gifting suite around the corner.