Check Out Patrick’s Love Pat, But Is Dempsey Going From McDreamy to McBaked?

Jeremy Blacklow
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While his hit ABC show, "Grey's Anatomy," wrapped up its ninth season Thursday night with a big life change for he and his on-screen wife Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo), Patrick Dempsey was busy showing his love for his real-life wife on a beach in the Caribbean.

McDreamy was photographed shirtless — and looking better than ever — while giving the slightest love tap to the bum of his beautiful wife Jillian Fink.

Awwwww! It doesn't get much sweeter than that.

The couple and their three children all seemed to be having a great time, frolicking in the water while on vacation together. At one point, Dempsey was seen playing with his 6-year-old twin boys in the ocean, while later that afternoon he was spotted strolling along the beach solo.

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Aside from the hot shots and the "Grey's Anatomy" season finale, Dempsey also is making headlines this week thanks to an interview he did with Bon Appetit magazine in which he opened up about his recent purchase of Seattle-based coffee chain Tully's and his plans for the business. An avid coffee drinker, Dempsey said he would like to see the return of the neighborhood coffee shop to people's daily routines.

However, the comments he made about what he'd like to sell one day in his shops are what is creating the most buzz.

"Coffee is good for your mind — it's basically a legalized drug," he noted. "The next step is selling marijuana, of course."

When asked if Tully's would ever sell it, the actor replied, "Great question. There's a business model there. You could present it in a beautiful, elegant way: A Michelin-starred coffee shop where you can get marijuana."

Small amounts of marijuana became legal in the state of Washington during the 2012 election, so his statements might not be all that far-fetched!

Maybe we should start calling him McBaked?

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