Paris Hilton Is the Latest Celebrity ‘Swatting’ Victim

Jeremy Blacklow
omg! Celeb News

Paris Hilton is the latest victim of the unfortunate "Celebrity Swatting" trend, which, until recently, has been quiet for some time.

Swatting is a term referring to a prank call being made to law enforcement agencies, which leads to the dispatching of forces to a home where no incident is in fact taking place.

The Los Angeles Police Department confirms to omg! that the heiress was indeed swatted on Saturday, just after 5 p.m. According to authorities, the call came through the Internet and originally was reported as a "hot prowl," or, a sub-categorization of burglary where the offender enters when occupants are actually at home.

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When LAPD authorities responded,  a housekeeper and a dog were at Hilton's home, but there were no signs of intruders. No further information was being made available, beyond that the LAPD is investigating the source of the call as a swatting incident.

Despite a 12-year-old admitting guilt to swatting Ashton Kutcher's home (and possibly Justin Bieber's) earlier this month, other celebrities have continued to fall victim. The last reported incident took place on February 18, at the home of Clint Eastwood. Tom Cruise, Chris Brown, Simon Cowell, the Kardashians, and Miley Cyrus are just a few of the other celebrities who have been swatted in the past few months.

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