What Paris Hilton Hopes Moviegoers Learn From Watching ‘The Bling Ring’

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Paris Hilton became famous for being a rich, out-of-touch socialite who didn't even know what a soup kitchen was. She drives a pink Bentley with a diamond-encrusted dashboard, owns more than 200 pairs of designer shoes, and her own face appears on walls and decorations throughout her mansion, which is in a gated community in Beverly Hills. However, in a new interview she insists that – guess what? – material goods just aren't important to her.

Talking about what she hopes viewers take away from "The Bling Ring" ― the Sofia Coppola-directed film about the Los Angeles teens who robbed celebrity homes, including Hilton's ― she tells Elle, “There’s much more to life than all of these possessions and everything. And if you want those things, you’re gonna have to work yourself, just like I did." Um, work?

Ironically, the quotes run alongside photos of her lavish home, which is filled with a myriad of material objects, from pillows with her image on them, to a 6-foot, 2-story doghouse, which reportedly cost $350,000 to build.

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And if her comments are to be believed, it must mean that Paris the heiress must have never really cared about some of her other big-ticket indulgences, including the 24-carat canary diamond ring she was given when she got engaged to Greek shipping heir Paris Latsis in 2005, the $300,000 California Spyder Ferrari she bought in 2011, or even the $12,000 yellow Chagoury Couture dress she wore for a few hours to a party in Cannes last year.

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As for her work ethic (which she’s clearly proud of), she does have 44 Paris Hilton clothing stores around the globe, perfume, books, and the like. But let's not forget that the beginning of her career started with a sex tape, and most of her money’s come from a family fortune, so we're not sure she should be bragging about how hard she works.

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And while Paris says that there is more to life than material goods, Hilton tells Elle that she hopes some of the $2 million in items that the "Burglar Bunch" lifted from her home during their famed 2008-2009 crime spree — during which time they broke into her mansion at least five times (she kept the key under her doormat) — get returned. After revealing that a Louis Vuitton duffel bag containing some of her stolen possessions were recovered from the thieves, she sniffs that she didn't care about any of those items. She does, however, want a still-missing gold-and-diamond Cartier watch, which was a gift from her late grandmother.

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Then she goes on to talk about what would happen if she came face to face with the robbers, saying, "I don’t know what I'd do if I saw them. I'm not a confrontational person. But I would literally be like, 'You guys need serious help. And I want my stuff back.'"

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In the same interview, Coppola, who filmed some of the movie in Hilton's home and gave the famous blonde a cameo, talked about working with the socialite, saying, "She's such a pop icon and has a sense of humor about herself."

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So maybe when Hilton said that there's more to life than "possessions and everything," she was just trying to be … funny?

For more of Hilton's interview, pick up the July issue of Elle, on newsstands June 25.

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