‘Oops!’ — Joe Jonas Shaves His Head

Elizabeth Durand
omg! Celeb News

A picture's worth a thousand words, and these pictures prove that even without his flowing locks, Joe Jonas is sizzling hot.

In a brave, "G.I. Jane"-style move, the 23-year-old pop star shaved his head on Monday night. And this wasn't a trim, people.

Of course, Jonas made sure the whole transformation was caught on film for posterity — and by posterity, we mean female fans … who are likely to be delighted with the final results.

In a series of snapshots, the second-oldest Jonas brother shares the process from start to finish. Still with a head of hair, he stares into the camera looking not the least bit nervous.

But that all changes once the clipper comes out and huge chunks of hair start hitting the floor. Though he keeps his expressions playful on the outside, Joe seems like he might be sweating, just a wee bit, on the inside. Not that you can blame him.

When the deed is done, a video gives the full 360-degree view of the freshly-shorn locks, revealing that somehow the singer manages to look better than ever with his low-maintenance hair.

But what does Joe have to say about his new style? He sums up his feelings in one short word: "Oops!"

Honestly, if he thinks this 'do is wrong, we don't want to be right.

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