What’s One Question Zooey Deschanel Won’t Answer?

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Zooey Deschanel may be Hollywood's "it" girl, but she wasn't always in the cool inner circle.

The "New Girl" star covers the September issue of Marie Claire, and inside the pages talks about how life as a chubby, freckly, preteen helped her in the end.

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"A lot of people I knew who didn't struggle, who maybe came from a lot of money or were really pretty — those people actually have a harder time as adults in a way," Zooey says. "They don't even understand what it's like to not be pretty … I'm not saying it's good, I don't think people should be mean to each other, [but] I think it made me stronger."

That's a lesson Zooey clearly puts to use today.

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"I became aware that people were criticizing the way I speak, which seems weird to me," she explains. "I speak the way I speak, and I am an intelligent person. Sometimes I lean into California-speak more for entertainment value. It’s not that I can’t live in a world without the word like."

Continues Deschanel: "Even I get slammed and overwhelmed by how negative the Internet can get, and I'm an adult. I don't pay any mind to it, but it's pretty shocking how when you give people anonymity — it's like the worst of human nature."

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As for her personal life, Zooey is dating screenwriter Jamie Linden, but she tells the interviewer she won't answer the "your boyfriend" questions.

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"I will say we got the dogs together, and he loves them very much," she reveals. Deschanel also put to bed rumors that the duo were "house-hunting." When the couple visited the Black Dahlia house in Los Angeles, where some believe Elizabeth Short was murdered in 1947, she says, "We saw it just to see a Lloyd Wright house. Just because you go see a house doesn't mean you're going to buy it."

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Zooey also dodges questions about whether she wants to have kids.

"I'm not going to answer that question," she explains. "I'm not mad at you for asking that question, but I've said it before: I don't think people ask men those questions."

"What has she —" her interviewer begins saying ….

"Learned from being married and divorced?" the 33-year-old pipes in. "I will say this: Whether you're married or not, if you're in a relationship, you have to wake up every day and say, 'I want to stay with this person.' You have to make the commitment every day and every second and every minute."

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The September issue of Marie Claire is on stands today.

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