‘omg! Insider’ Exclusive: Joan Rivers: I’m Not Apologizing for Heidi Klum Holocaust Joke

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Joan Rivers thinks everyone needs to lighten up.

When discussing Heidi Klum’s super-sexy Oscar night gown on E!’s “Fashion Police,” the 79-year-old joked, "The last time a German looked this hot was when they were pushing Jews into the ovens." Needless to say, the line was met with lots of jeers.

But Rivers refuses to say she’s sorry. During an interview with “omg! Insider” that airs on Friday evening, Rivers balked when asked if she planned to apologize.

“Apologizing for what?” she exclaimed. “For what?! … Heidi didn't mind it. That's the joke, Heidi Klum didn't mind it. We didn't mind it. So somebody else minded, you know, then don't watch ‘Fashion Police.’ Next.”

Rivers also explained that using the Holocaust in a joke, she’s raising awareness … even if that particular joke wasn’t met with the reception she expected. “I make points with humor and you want to talk about the Holocaust? That's how I talk about the Holocaust,” the former late-night host added. “I remind people there was a Holocaust and someone should wake Mel Gibson up to watch ‘Fashion Police.’”

As for an omg! poll, in which 66 percent of readers voted that she had crossed the line this time, well, the comedian has a message for them, too. “You live in the dark ages,” she continued. “Learn what comedy's about, tell that Richard Pryor, tell that to Chris Rock, tell it to Louis C.K., go back to Lenny Bruce. I'm very proud to be a part that group.”

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