Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Raise Laughs and Money for Gilda’s Club

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Couples that play together, stay together — at least, that's what we're saying. Over the weekend, funny man Jason Sudeikis and fiancée Olivia Wilde helped raise a whopping $100,000 for cancer patients and their support groups by performing at Gilda's Club in Kansas City, Missouri.

Though Sudeikis (whose mother is a cancer survivor) was headlining the Giggle With Gilda event, Wilde's cameo was a total surprise ... to the audience, anyway.

"About two weeks before, we found out that Olivia was coming," Kimberly Winter Stern, Chair of Giggle with Gilda, told omg!.

The star-studded evening, which was hosted by local entertainer Missy Koonce, featured music by trumpeter Lonnie McFadden and his jazz band, and also included a moment of silence in honor of those affected by the Boston bombing and the Texas fertilizer plant explosion.

But it was far from a solemn occasion, as world-famous The Second City comedy troupe joined Sudeikis on stage for some good, old-fashioned sketch performances.

"Jason and Olivia were absolutely wonderful — they were funny, gracious, and great to be around," Kate Lambert, a Second City actor who performed with the duo, explained to omg! exclusively. "The Touring Company arrived in Kansas City that day, so it was a pretty fast-paced day for us. We took some time earlier that afternoon and went through the show and the order of the scenes together. Both seemed to really be looking forward to the show, as were we."

And just because Wilde is less experienced with improv than her man doesn't mean she needed any help. "I definitely did not give them any pointers," Lambert said, adding, "They are both really friendly."

Perhaps the best part of the night came after the show, however, during a party at The Chandelier Bar at The Midland, a historic theater nearby. "We were able to meet people who had been at the show. Some of them were cancer survivors and it was amazing to talk to them afterwards," Lambert described. "It was the most incredible night."

According to Stern, "Jason stood there and did photos with almost 300 people. Olivia was in one of the other back rooms at the party, hamming it up with The Second City troupe members. She and Jason were very accessible. They chatted. People asked about the wedding. They're just very gracious.

"Jason and Olivia were adorable together," she continued. "They are a great team."

In other words, the night was a total success.

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