Jerry O'Connell's Even Sorrier Than Shia LaBeouf

Jeremy Blacklow
Yahoo Celebrity

Just when everyone was starting to take the Shia LaBeouf situation WAAAY too seriously ... Jerry O'Connell has stepped in.

In what is easily the most brilliant move we've seen so far in 2014 (Macklemore impromptu bus concert notwithstanding), the actor has set up an impromptu pop-up performance art shop right next door to LaBeouf's.

The sign outside, which reads #IAMSORRYTOO, notes that Jerry will be there from 1 p.m. to "5PM-ISH." According to reports, once inside attendees can select from a number of items that Jerry has laid out (just like Shia has done), including a signed copy of his childhood film "Stand By Me." Like Shia, Jerry is reportedly wearing a paper bag over his head, except his reads "SUPER FAMOUS."

"The Insider" has confirmed that Funny Or Die is behind Jerry's stunt, which would make sense, because we're literally in stitches right now.

This photo shows the two shop fronts side-by-side:

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We're on our way to Jerry's "art show" and will report back shortly on the experience ... as soon as we stop laughing.

We haven't seen many celebs talking about Shia (or Jerry, for that matter) on social media yet. The one exception being Emile Hirsch, who's keeping us rather amused on Twitter: