Nikki Reed: I Don’t Feel Like ‘Twilight’ Is Over

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After spending the last five years as the hottest member of the Cullen clan, Nikki Reed is saying goodbye to Forks, Washington, and hello to Nashville, Tennessee!

The 24-year-old actress and her hubby of one year, “American Idol” alum Paul McDonald, have released five songs together and most recently scored a coveted spot on the soundtrack for the final “Twilight” installment with their ditty, “All I’ve Ever Needed.”

“I don’t feel like ‘Twilight’ is over,” the brunette beauty told omg! at Gillette’s Kiss & Tell Live Experiment in New York City. “I think when the dust settles and there is some quiet time, I’ll have more time to reflect on ‘Twilight’ being over, but we’ve been so busy still. We finished touring in the beginning of December, then with the music ... we’re going back to Nashville to finish our full-length record and release that.”

Somehow the newlywed has also found time in her busy schedule to start her own jewelry line, Mattlin Era, and complete four movies. But Reed insists that she and her adorable hubby are most focused on finishing off their passion project – their new EP due out in March, which will include three tunes from their first album, The Best Part. And though the duo seems incredibly connected during their sweet, love-riddled songs, Reed reveals that they don’t even write their music together.

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“We have a really unconventional writing process,” she shared. “Most of the time we write independently and then bring our pieces to each other and put it together. It is weird.”

Reed, an actress by trade, blames her lack of musical training for their strange method.

“I just like to write poetry. Then Paul helps me put music to it,” Reed explained. “In terms of music, Paul brings it all to the table. I bring a cool line here and there and he gets so blown away.”

Despite their creative process, the results are always amazing. Just don’t expect the former “O.C.” star to leave her Hollywood career behind forever for a tour bus and late-night gigs at clubs.

“I don’t view myself as a singer and I am not the best singer,” she confessed. “I love doing that with Paul, but I don’t have any interest in going out and making a solo record.”

Instead, she views her current musical aspirations as a way to show many young women that you don’t always have to be perfect at something you enjoy.

“What I loved about making this record is the message behind it. In a lot of ways, I represent the everyday girl who loves to do something but doesn’t know if they should pursue it if they’re not the absolute best at it,” she noted. “It inspires me to be creative, to learn the guitar so that I can write music and write more poetry, so why not? Why not sing?”

With that mentality, we’re pretty sure Nikki Reed has one thing in common with her “Twilight” alter ego Rosalie Cullen – she’s fearless.

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