Nicole Scherzinger Talks About Bringing Back the ‘Hairgasm’ in Herbal Essences Commercial Remake

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While Taylor Swift, Beyoncé, and Justin Timberlake wowed us during Sunday’s Grammys, one of the buzziest moments of the night wasn’t during the telecast. It was during a commercial break when Herbal Essences relaunched their famous “Yes, yes, yes!” ad campaign with Nicole Scherzinger giving the classic ’90s advertisement a modern spin.

During the awards show, a one-time only exclusive remake of the original commercial, which memorably featured a woman on an airplane going all “When Harry Met Sally” over her shampoo, aired with Scherzinger making a cameo. That served as the kickoff to a new campaign – for the return of the brand's Smooth & Shine collections – in which the singer does her own modern version of the promo.

Likening the shoot to a ”crazy, off the wall music video” in which “I go in the bathroom and a whole other world is created,” Scherzinger tells omg!, “We took the original to a whole other level. It’s definitely the 2013 version.”

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And the 34-year-old beauty is not at all shy about having her “Sally” moment on TV.

“I call it my Herbal Essences hairgasm commercial,” she laughs. “It’s so funny talking to my mom and dad about it: ‘Remember the hairgasm commercial? Yes, yes, yes? I’m so excited for you to see it.’”

And how do her parents feel about her shrieking with pleasure over her “organic” experience?

“They are excited because everybody loved the original commercial,” Scherzinger smiles. “It’s a classic. Everybody knows it. It was fun. It was spicy. It was different. It was memorable. And I got to remake it!”

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As for the final product, “I love how it turned out. It’s so reflective of my personality. I love Herbal Essences. I grew up with it. I was born in Hawaii, so I’m nature girl. Then to be able to add the humor and sassiness and sensuality in the commercial is just awesome. It’s the perfect marriage,” says Scherzinger, who is the brand’s global ambassador.

While the songstress is decidedly glam now after rising to fame with the Pussycat Dolls and going on to be a judge during the first season of “The X Factor” (she still appears on the U.K. edition), we wanted to know: Did she always have great hair … even back in middle school when everyone was going through their awkward phases?

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“Yeah – I did,” she confesses. “God bless. It was like a horses mane. It was really thick. Now I’m down with the styles – I discovered layering, and bangs and everything. When I was younger it was just one really long mane.”

Some of her tricks for keeping her famous locks looking so good? Less is more.

“It sounds horrible, but I think the secret is not washing it every single day,” Scherzinger shares. “In my line of work, it’s always the day after that’s the best for shoots and stuff, so I wash it every few days. And when I don’t wash it so much, then I don’t have to cut it as much because I don’t have as many split ends.”

Another beauty secret? She credits her great complexion to breaking a sweat as often as possible.

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“When you break a sweat you just feel great,” Scherzinger notes. “You’ve got your endorphins going. You feel better. You look better. And if you aren’t able to get a workout in, try to find a steam room somewhere. You just look and feel so much better after a sweat.”

Pretty soon you’ll be able to sweat to her new album. Her second solo album – the first one stateside – is due out this year and she recently released her first single, “Boomerang.”

“The collective sound is just really dance, energetic, motivating, empowering, fun dance music,” she says of her album. Good for the gym? “Great for the gym – and lord knows we are all looking for the next album that will motivate us.” In addition to the high-energy tracks, there will be a few with a more sentimental vibe. “I have a couple other little different colored gems in there … that are all about love and relationships and heartbreak.”

And perhaps a duet with her race car driver beau Lewis Hamilton, who has been recording some music on the side?

“No, we like to keep our music separate,” says Scherzinger of the British native, whom she has been dating since 2008. “He likes to do his music and work on him and I just like to support him.”

However, they are happy to collaborate on co-parenting their new dog, Roscoe. They recently brought home the bulldog and have been sharing the most adorable photos on Twitter – like the one below in which they are both giving the pooch a peck.

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Asked if Roscoe is now her permanent sidekick on the road, Scherzinger – who appeared in “Men In Black 3” and is currently looking at other scripts – says, “Not yet. He’s too young right now – he’s 15 weeks old – but he does have his passport already.” What does she do to spoil him? “Just lots of love and walks and snuggles. He’s a ball of love ... and wrinkles.”

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