Nick Nolte Wears—What?!—to the ‘Gangster Squad’ Premiere

Sarah Flanigan
omg! Celeb News

Though the premiere of the new flick “Gangster Squad” might have been considered a rather dressy occasion by some, one of the film’s stars, Nick Nolte, opted for a comfier option when he stepped out on the red carpet in Los Angeles Monday night wearing … a pajama-inspired ensemble. The actor donned a yellow silk robe, looking a bit ragged with a beard and red face. Maybe he was trying to channel his character from “Down and Out in Beverly Hills"? But Nick isn’t the only celeb getting in on the pajama trend these days. A few other stars have decided to wear their sleepy-time attire out in public recently. Check out the video to see Nick’s interesting outfit choice and to find out which Hollywood heavyweights are hopping on the pajama bandwagon.

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