Nicholas Hoult on His Exes: ‘I Hope They’d Say My Heart Was in the Right Place’

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After parting ways with Jennifer Lawrence earlier this year, Nicholas Hoult is one of the most eligible bachelors on the young Hollywood scene. But he wasn’t always mister smooth with the ladies... and still has some hiccups in the relationship department.

While talking about dating with Elle, the British star of movies including “Warm Bodies,” “About a Boy," and "Jack the Giant Slayer" shared a story about a childhood crush gone terribly wrong.

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“There were just embarrassing things continually,” the 23-year-old says of the awkward moments he endured while growing up. “I remember once after deciding that I fancied a girl, I made her a badge. I’d never spoken to her before and I can’t remember what the badge said, but it obviously didn’t seal the deal.”

Homemade buttons aside, Hoult seemed to have a Hollywood sensibility about how relationships should work.

“I had a moment when I was completely obsessed with ‘Seven Brides for Seven Brothers,’” he says of the 1954 musical. “I think I watched it seven times in one day. That’s how I believed relationships worked: You go into town, pick up the girl you want, then ride off into the mountains and the townsfolk can’t get them back.”

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He’s had some bumps in the road in his modern relationships as well. While talking about texting with the opposite sex, he admits he’s had more than a few regrets.

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“Many a time! There’s not a lot of bravery in text messaging,” he tells the magazine. “If you don’t get the reaction you want, you just say, ‘Sorry, someone else took my phone.’” Wait...really? He lied about having his phone stolen? “All the time,” he added. “There definitely have been a few times where I’ve woken up and looked through my text messages and thought, Wow, I had whole hot conversations that I don’t remember. They were stunningly illiterate and served not much of a purpose.”
Hoult credits his sensitive side to having been surrounded by women as he grew up. His brother left home when he was young and his father’s pilot career required a lot of traveling, so he was raised by his mother and sisters, who taught him a lot.

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“It’s more the awareness that whenever they leave the house will be half an hour later than the time they said it would be – you know, additions in timing,” he says about living with women. “And to never jump in a shower after a girl’s been in there. It’s guaranteed to be scalding hot.”

After admitting that he has made mistakes “pretty recently” in relationships – he and J-Law split in January – it doesn’t seem like it’s been anything too dramatic. When asked for one fact all of his exes would agree on about him, he replies, “That’s a tough one – and I probably don’t want to know the answer. [Laughs] I hope they’d say my heart was in the right place and I meant well. I don’t know. That, and make fewer badges.”

For more of Hoult’s interview, pick up the March issue of Elle, on newsstands now.

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