Who Needs Fireworks When You Have Liam Hemsworth’s Abs?

Breanne Heldman
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Fireworks come around a couple times a year, so if you're looking to start your holiday weekend off with some real whiz, bang, pow, we have just the solution: Liam Hemsworth's abs.

Sure, he's Australian and all, but just look at these exquisite pecs exclusive pics from his new movie, "Paranoia," in theaters August 16. If they don't say "holiday," we're not really sure what does.

Plus, Liam plays an American in the film, so there's that.

In the thriller, the 23-year-old stars as Adam, an entry-level tech whiz who gets his big break when his boss (Gary Oldman) taps him to go work for the competition (Harrison Ford) and share their secrets in exchange for loads of cash and flashy toys. He takes the deal and does a whole bunch of double-crossing back and forth, hooks up with Amber Heard, and gets to drive a really sweet car.

All that, and he only wears a towel.

OK, that's not true, but he looks good – and plenty shirtless – just the same.

Of course, not unlike those fireworks, this won't be the only time we see a Hemsworth flex his muscles this year. After "Paranoia," Liam will be back in theaters on November 22 in "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire," while his big brother, Chris Hemsworth, will be back in his "Thor" costume a few weeks earlier on November 8 after taking the wheel of the racecar flick, "Rush," on September 20.

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Watch the trailer for "Paranoia":

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