Which NBA Superstar Let Justin Bieber Babysit His 3-Year-Old Son?

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Justin Bieber was working on his “Baby Baby Baby”-sitting skills on Thursday night while taking in the Los Angeles Clippers-Boston Celtics game at L.A.’s Staples Center. His charge? None other than the 3-year-old son of Clippers point guard Chris Paul. The 18-year-old was super cute with the tyke, named Chris Paul II, even letting him sit on his lap and chatting with him as they watched his daddy’s home team clobber the Celtics 106-77. In another adorable photo, Bieber is seen holding little Chris’ hand as they walked alongside the court.

After the game, the “Beauty and the Beat” singer tweeted at the Clippers all-star, “yo @CP3 your kid is the man!! haha. u killed 'em tonight. good seeing u.” But it seems Bieber is the real “man” – at least to Paul’s son. The basketball player responded, “you have NO clue the smile that you put on lil Chris face 2nite...really appreciate you man!! He does not know what to do lol,” although he later deleted the tweet, as well as a follow-up that read, “the first thing he said to me after the game was not good game Daddy...it was ‘Daddy I saw Justin Beiber, he's my friend’ haaa.”

Despite the fact that Bieber has millions of very young fans, one may not expect the teen to have much experience with kids. But he does have two little half-siblings, 4-year-old sister Jasmine and 3-year-old brother Jaxon, from his dad Jeremy’s second marriage, who he is often spotted looking after during family outings.

We’re not sure what Bieber charges per hour for his babysitting skills, but we can assume he probably earned himself future courtside Clippers tickets.

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