Mo’Nique’s inspiring weight-loss journey since ‘Precious’ Oscar win: How she dropped 45 pounds

Rachel Hoffman
omg! Celeb News

Mo’Nique’s Oscar-winning performance in 2009’s “Precious” put her on the map in Hollywood, and now she’s using her star power to inspire her fans to lose weight. The comedienne spent her career embracing her big girl status, often saying bigger is better, but when her health became a factor, Mo'Nique made the decision to lose the weight. She’s down to 217, after dropping 45 pounds and she’s not done yet!

The 45-year-old seems to be taking a break from the spotlight since her talk show ended last year, but she’s still connected to her fans. She’s now sharing her weight loss journey on Twitter in order to show off all her hard work.

Check out the vid to find out Mo’nique’s weight-loss secrets!

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