Miss Alabama Katherine Webb Gives Us Even More Reasons to Like Her

Breanne L. Heldman
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It’s been two days and everyone is still talking about Miss Alabama Katherine Webb.

Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the girlfriend of Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is easy on the eyes, a fact ESPN announcer Brent Musberger pointed out on air that sent them both into the pop culture conversation … and landed Webb on the “Today” show this morning.

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After Musberger openly ogled the 23-year-old – “What a beautiful woman! Wow!”were among his comments – many declared the 73-year-old sportscaster “creepy” and shamed him for objectifying women. In turn, ESPN sprung into action, releasing the following statement on Twitter.

“We always try to capture interesting storylines and the relationship between an Auburn grad who is Miss Alabama and the current Alabama quarterback certainly met that test,” ESPN vice president of communications Mike Soltys posted. “However, we apologize that the commentary in this instance went too far and Brent understands that.”

Webb, whose Twitter followers jumped from around 1,000 to more than 230,000 because of the exposure, felt this apology was completely unnecessary.

“I don’t think (an apology) was needed, honestly,’’ Webb told “Today.” “Of course, I appreciate it, but at the same time, I don’t think that I needed an apology.

“I think the media has been really unfair to (Musberger),’’ she explained. “If he would’ve said something along the line that we were hot or sexy or made any derogatory statements like that, I think that would’ve been a little bit different, but the fact that he said that we were beautiful and gorgeous, I don’t see why any woman wouldn’t be flattered by that.’’

Speaking of compliments, we’re guessing the lad mags are already making moves to put Webb on their covers. Maxim, for one, already has their sights on the lovely lady.

"We'd love to work with Katherine,” Dan Bova, the magazine’s Editor in Chief, tells omg!. “But whether or not that happens, I can say the crowd shots of her were the only thing that kept millions of guys from turning that train wreck off after the first 15 minutes."

We have to tip our hats to Webb ourselves. In addition to her looks, the woman has poise and class for days. Despite her meteoric rise to fame, she told “Today” that she’d like the credit from the big ACS championship game to go where credit is due.

“I think that we need to draw back our attention to who the real winners are, and that’s the Alabama football team,” she said. “They spent so long getting ready for this season and they won their second back-to-back national championship, and that’s such an accomplishment … I’m flattered at all the attention, and I’m humbled. At the same time, I’ll do whatever I can to help the team out and support A.J.”

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