Miranda Kerr Cuddles Up to Orlando Bloom Post-Split

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
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Did we miss something? A mere two days after announcing that they were formally separating, Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom were spotted looking happier than ever with their son Flynn in tow.

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The former couple reunited on Saturday for a family stroll through Central Park. They walked arm-in-arm, chatting and smiling, as Kerr carried Flynn on her hip. Though their son seemed more interested in his popsicle than his parents' affectionate behavior, we couldn't help but do a bit of a double-take — especially when Orlando gave both Miranda and Flynn sweet kisses before saying goodbye.

Perhaps we should have expected this. After all, the couple's joint statement did promise that they'd been "amicably separated for several months," yet they seemed happy and affectionate at the opening of Orlando's Broadway play, "Romeo and Juliet," on September 19.

It seems something must have driven these two stars apart and, of course, rumors are already swirling. One theory: Justin Bieber got in the way.

As the (ridiculous) story goes, the teen icon met the 30-year-old supermodel backstage at the Victoria's Secret fashion show in November 2012, and, as The Sunday People claims, Orlando heard that his better half had been "flirting" with the much younger singer and "wasn't exactly thrilled about it." Indeed, shots from the event show Miranda looking pretty delighted to be so close to the then 18-year-old star. While the beauty had been a fan of the singer, when she taught Flynn to say "Bieber fever," Orlando had had enough. "It caused an issue," a source explained. Right.

Regardless of what finally broke their marital bond, it seems this couple is moving forward with ease.

Though neither star is wearing a wedding ring at this point, both were seen entering the same apartment building only minutes apart on Friday (the day before their little jaunt through the park). In other words, this very well may be the most amicable separation in history.