Miley Cyrus Debuts Album Cover for ‘Bangerz’

Jenny Depper

Hey Miley Cyrus, the 1980s called and they want their cover art back!

The "We Can't Stop" revealed the cover art for her much-anticipated album, "Bangerz" on Saturday night via Twitter and captioned her tweet, "you know the vintage YSL don't stay on for long."

In the cover art, the 20-year-old songbird is standing with her back turned in a black romper and is rocking red lipstick and her signature slicked-back hairdo. She's standing against a palm tree-filled background with a peach, pink, and purple haze and the words "Bangerz" emblazoned in a pink neon sign. The cover art definitely pays homage to the 80s and almost resembles Pat Benatar and Blondie in their early days.

Later, Cyrus barraged her Instagram account with photos of her new album. She even took a snap of the album sitting alongside a teddy bear in what looks like her seat at the MTV VMAs at Barclays Center in Brooklyn. The popstar is set to perform at the awards show tonight.

Her new album, which hits shelves October 8, is already available for pre-order on iTunes and is clearly a big hit with her fans. Her latest single, "Wrecking Ball" just topped iTunes charts this morning according to Cyrus's Twitter account.

What do you think of Miley's new album cover? It is certainly a far cry from her Disney days.

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