Miley Cyrus’s Bizarre Kissing Tour

Hallie Stephens
Miley Cyrus’s Bizarre Kissing Tour

Though Miley Cyrus hasn't been spotted kissing her on-again/off-again/on-again fiancé Liam Hemsworth in front of the cameras recently, that doesn’t mean she's not showing her affection for, well, just about everything else under the sun.

The queen of twerking posted an Instagram pic on Thursday of her dropping to the ground and giving a life-sized, pink teddy bear a big old smooch. Miley is wagging her tongue at she wraps her arms around the person wearing the teddy costume.

But this isn’t the first time the 20-year-old has made us scratch our head with her kissing antics. Not too long ago, Perez Hilton posted a pic to Twitter of Miley locking lips with a man dressed as an extremely creepy oversized baby. Trust us, it is creepy!

And, before that, the singer had a majorly hot make out session in a pool with a doll dressed like herself in the “We Can’t Stop” music video.

Miley sure knows how to keep it fresh! Check out the vid to see all of her bizarre kissing moments and tune into “omg! Insider” on TV tonight for the latest in entertainment news.

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