See Chilling Photos of Michael Jackson’s Bedroom During His Final Hours

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We all know the ending to Michael Jackson's story ― and it wasn't a pretty one. Now, the LAPD has released images of the star's bedroom taken immediately following his 2009 death, and they make the tragedy even more real.

The photos were made public as part of Michael's mother Katherine Jackson's lawsuit against concert promoters AEG Live. The Jackson matriarch claims AEG ignored Michael's failing health and didn't properly screen his doctor, Conrad Murray, who was convicted of involuntary manslaughter for giving the singer a lethal dose of Propofol. And the snapshots certainly hint that the King of Pop was overmedicated.

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The images show that Michael's bedroom wasn't over the top by any means; it was both modestly sized and decorated, considering his reputation for excessive spending. But among the sparse gold-colored and wooden furnishings were a startling number of medical supplies ― pill containers, bottles of the powerful anesthesia that caused his death, oxygen tanks, and an IV stand.

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In one photo, four large bottles of Propofol were lined up on a nightstand. In another, an empty bottle was casually discarded on the floor.

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One rather bizarre decorative choice to note, which was seen in a photo behind the IV stand, was a dresser with what appear to be advertisements featuring babies covering it. One large poster of an infant with the words "sweet baby" covered the front. Then more photos were on top, including one of Charlie Chaplin.

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Testimony continued in the trial this week with AEG Live president Randy Phillips on the witness stand. He was asked about an email exchange he had in which he was talking about another one of Michael's physicians, Dr. Arnold Klein, whom he wrote "scares us to death because he is shooting him up with something."

The exchange was with Michael's business manager Michael Kane, who told Phillips that Klein's office sent him a $48,000 bill for services rendered at his Beverly Hills dermatology clinic in the three months before the star's death. Jackson had been treated with Restalyne, Botox, and unidentified drug injections, as well as 6,500 milligrams Demerol, according to court testimony and the bill itself.

The email exchange is notable because AEG Live has maintained that they were not at all involved in Michael's health care, which Katherine is disputing, though Phillips was discussing both a medical invoice as well as Michael's doctors "shooting him up with something."

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