Melanie Griffith Glows on the Red Carpet in Switzerland: 'Life Is Good'

Taryn Ryder
Yahoo Celebrity
Melanie Griffith in Switzerland on August 6, 2014 (Getty Images)
Melanie Griffith in Switzerland on August 6, 2014 (Getty Images)

The single life certainly agrees with Melanie Griffith.

Griffith turned heads at the 2014 Locarno Film Festival on Wednesday in Locarno, Switzerland. Wearing a simple, yet fierce black dress, the soon-to-be 57-year-old actress looked gorgeous while promoting her role in the short film, Thirst.

The sleeves also happened to hide Griffith's "Antonio" tattoo, which she has started to remove from her upper arm. Last month, she stepped out with a "Mel" bandage covering her infamous ink.

Melanie and Antonio Banderas, 53, announced in June that they were divorcing after 18-years-of marriage. But the actress is hardly dwelling on the past.

"I'm going to do a lot of things. I'm going to do Pippin on Broadway in January. It's not about my career now. It's just about finding great work and having a good time," Griffith told Indiewire about how she is staying active. "My kids are almost grown. I'm getting divorced [from Antonio Banderas]. I'm just happy. I'm really joyful. Life is good."

The Working Girl star has also signed on to do a "silly comedy" with Bob Saget.

Griffith's daughter Dakota Johnson, whom she had with her first (and third) husband, Don, has also been plenty busy.

Dakota, 24, stars in Universal's steamy adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, set to hit theaters on Valentine's Day.

"I have not seen 50 Shades of Grey. I don't think I'm going to see it… [Dakota] was like, 'You guys cannot come. There's no way,'" Griffith told Indiewire. "So we're not going. I did go visit for a couple of days when they were shooting just normal stuff. I did see the Room of Pain — I did go in there and check it out."

Although Melanie won't be taking in her daughter's performance on the big screen, she certainly is beaming with pride at her accomplishments.

"She's amazing — so good," Griffith gushed. "It's just so beautiful to see her doing this. She had her mom and her dad and her grandmother and she's just taken us all and thrown us away. She's like, 'Here I am.'"

Like mother, like daughter.