Mayim Bialik: No Longer Breastfeeding 4-and-a-Half-Year-Old Son

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Mayim Bialik is arguably just as well known for her attachment parenting as she is for those floppy hats that she used to wear on "Blossom."

The "Big Bang Theory" star once again opened up about her unorthodox style of parenting this week on Jewish parenting website Kveller. Bialik, 37, revealed that her 4-and-a-half-year-old son Fred has completely stopped breastfeeding, or nursing, at what she and Fred call her "nummies."

"All of you snarky mamas who glared at me nursing my 3 1/2-year-old on the NYC subway, prepare to be amazed. And to all of my family and friends who wanted to chastise me about nursing a walking, talking, thinking, laughing little man named Fred, thanks for holding your tongues," Bialik wrote. "Because we did it. Fred isn't going to nurse on his way down the wedding aisle or at his high school graduation... Because we did it: Fred weaned."

The vegan actress went on to write that Fred had actually stopped nursing the week of Thanksgiving 2012, when Bialik and her husband of nine years, Michael Stone, knew they were just days away from announcing plans to divorce.

"I was working until the Wednesday of Thanksgiving week, so my almost-ex took the boys up north to his folks' the Sunday before and I was set to meet them once I finished work. That would be four days without Fred being able to nurse," Bialik wrote. "He had gone four days before, but this felt different. A huge shift was about to happen. Internally, externally. Every relationship in our home was about to change. Even that between me and the Fredlet."

Bialik, who noted that her 7-year-old son Miles nursed for about two years, sounded somewhat wistful that she would no longer breastfeed Fred.

"I'd be lying if I said I didn’t miss being able to latch him on and make it all better. We have other ways to soothe Fred now. When he’s very very upset or very very hurt, we lay on the couch where he nursed countless mornings, afternoons, and evenings, and we rock and I sing to him his favorite lullabies," Bialik explained. "And he holds me tight, and I hold him tight, and I know that there was never ever ever anything wrong with nursing Fred. Even when he was in 4T jeans. With a mouth full of teeth. Even when people laughed and sneered and accused me of horrible things no mother should ever be accused of when tending to the normal and beautiful needs of her mammal child. It was never wrong and it was always right."

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