Martha Stewart’s Roaring Twenties Gold Cropped Leggings

Sarah Flanigan
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Martha Stewart’s Roaring Twenties Gold Cropped Leggings

Martha Stewart was snapped at "The Great Gatsby" premiere on Wednesday in New York City, sporting  gold sequined cropped leggings that looked more like one of her craft projects than a red carpet ensemble.

But this isn't the first time she's worn the crazy knee-length sparklers. The domestic diva donned the same pants with a brown poncho back in September 2012 for the New York City Ballet Fall Gala, and again in a Macy's ad for her Martha Stewart Collection 10-piece cookware set.

We're used to seeing a more prim and proper Martha, but these sequined leggings are showing that the craft queen does like to have a little fun with her fashion. For a 71-year-old, we must say, she looks pretty darn good in this outfit that would have made Gatsby proud!

Watch the video to see her sparkling ensemble for yourself!

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