Martha Stewart Behaving Badly With Andy Cohen

Sarah Flanigan
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Martha Stewart Behaving Badly With Andy Cohen

Martha Stewart like we've never seen her before! The usually composed queen of domesticity went on "Watch What Happens Live!" with Andy Cohen on Wednesday night and showed off her naughty side. The crafting goddess joined the Bravo host for a little game called, "Did Martha Do It" and the 71-year-old quickly got to behaving badly.

The game was as simple as it sounds. Andy asked Martha questions, to which she had to answer whether or not she had done them. Her answers might surprise you. When asked if she has engaged in a one-night stand, she coyly responded, "Yes." When asked if she has ever gotten a speeding ticket, Martha teasingly replied, "I talked myself out of it."

But things quickly became more risqué when Andy asked if Martha had ever sexted, been with a lady, or had a threesome!

Check out the vid to hear Martha's surprising answers!

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