Mark Wahlberg Does the Weather – and 6 Other Celebs Who Predicted If It Would Rain or Shine

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“Good Day Philadelphia” viewers got a lot more than they bargained for on Wednesday morning when none other than Mark Wahlberg showed up on their TV screens to deliver the weather and traffic reports.

The “Broken City” actor, along with the film’s director Allen Hughes, did a good job of reading the teleprompter while gesticulating to the screen behind him that projected the week’s temperatures.

"OK, let me get this seven-day forecast here,” Wahlberg began. “Tomorrow expected about 48 high and 37 degrees low.” After delivering Sunday’s prediction of 60 degrees, he ad-libbed, “Just like spring … So warmer temperatures are still hanging in there.”

Then it was on to the traffic report, which proved to be a little trickier for the actor. Once he figured out where to point to a graphic for an accident on the screen, Wahlberg – who spoke in what sounded like a Philly accent – joked, "Expect delays here … stop and get yourself a hoagie.”

Check out some other celebs who have dared to do the weather.  Think they should keep their day jobs?

Scarlett Johansson – ‘Today,’ November 2011

Tom Hanks -- Univision, June 2011

Ellen DeGeneres -- Chicago's NBC 5, June 2010 (begins at 2:48)

Steve Carell -- England's GMTV, April 2010

Gerard Butler -- GMTV, August 2009

Prince Charles -- BBC in Scotland, May 2012

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