Marilyn Manson Knows How to Make a Dramatic Exit

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Marilyn Manson loves nothing more than to leave a crowd in shock.

The goth rocker, who's known for wearing freaky face paint and white-out contact lenses, appears to have done just that recently as he exited a Hollywood soiree in a cloud of smoke emitted from a smoke bomb.

Video of the incident, which reportedly followed the afterparty for the Hollywood premiere of "Spring Breakers," shows Manson appearing to wait for the bomb to go off before he walks through a hazy cloud. Manson, 44, then smiles as he and girlfriend Lindsay Usich navigate the paparazzi and hop in a chauffeured SUV.

The clip also captures the arrival of the fire trucks with sirens flashing as they arrive on the scene, and security telling the firefighters that "someone dropped a smoke bomb."

Reps for Manson did not immediately return request for comment.

What we don't see on screen is Manson throwing a bomb from his car, as some others have reported. But maybe it's happened that way in the past?

The New York Post's Page Six reports that Manson has left smoke in his wake before. "Apparently, it's his signature move," a source tells the newspaper. "He did the same thing recently at [West Hollywood club] Greystone Manor."

If that's true, he really should tell the fire department not to waste their time in the future.

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