Madeleine Stowe Shares Victoria Grayson’s Three Tips for Hosting an Oscar Party

Taryn Ryder
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Any “Revenge” fan knows that no one throws an elegant soiree like Victoria Grayson, played by the brilliant Madeleine Stowe.

Now that Oscar Sunday is finally here, omg! asked Stowe what tips Victoria would have for those who want to throw a last-minute viewing party from home.

Here are three rules the Hamptons Queen Bee herself wants to share with our readers:

“I think she would avoid themes of everyone dressing in the same color,” Stowe said with a laugh.

“Number two, I think she would say you are allowed to rag on the nominees as much as you want,” continued the “Revenge” star.

“And finally, she would encourage guests to yell at the TV,” Stowe said. “That’s what makes Oscar watching a fun time from home!”

Don’t count on Stowe to host such a party, though. “I am so socially shy!” she insisted.

Tell us: How will you be watching the Oscars?

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