What We’re Looking Forward to (Celebrity-Wise) in 2014

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
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2013 was a big year for celebrities. Miley Cyrus called off her engagement and taught America how to twerk. Kerry Washington became a bona fide TV star and got knocked up. Kim Kardashian got divorced, engaged, proved she had the worst maternity style in the history of the world, and had a baby.

But 2014 is gearing up to be even better. There are so many star-studded weddings, babies, birthdays, blockbusters, and more on the horizon, you can't hope to remember them all — which is why we've created this handy synopsis so you don't have to. Consider it our early holiday gift.

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WEDDINGS TO MARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR: First thing's first: Which stars are almost definitely walking down the aisle in the next 12 months? Topping our list of likely candidates are Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. After what we think qualifies as a whirlwind romance, they welcomed their daughter, North West, on June 15, and got engaged just four months later on October 21. Considering that they already took the plunge by creating life together, we don't see any reason they should wait to make it official, and there's already talk of their nuptials being a televised event. We're setting our DVR right now.

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WEDDINGS TO HOLD YOUR BREATH FOR: On the opposite end of the pace-of-wedding-planning spectrum are Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. After People's report that they were going to tie the knot in March 2013 proved to be … well … wrong, we were pretty let down. And the rumors of discord in their relationship haven't been all too reassuring. Still, we're rooting for this power couple to finally wed — and (dare we say it?) for Jen to maybe, possibly, finally have a baby.

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WEDDINGS TO DREAM OF: Other notable potential couples who would delight us if they did the deed include Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie (is their French castle done yet?), Hayden Panettiere and Wladimir Klitschko (mostly because we want to see how they deal with the height difference in the wedding shots), and — last but certainly not least — Pippa Middleton and her banker beau, Nico Jackson, (because after Pippa nearly stole the show on Kate's big day, we can't wait to see her bridal style).

BABY WATCH: Next on our list of big events of course revolves around Hollywood's littlest stars. Kerry Washington had to cut season 3 of "Scandal" short because of her growing bump, but we'll forgive her because we're so excited to meet her mini-me! Though no firm due date is set, there is speculation it could be as early as March, which would mean that she's a mom by early spring and back to work in time to film a complete season 4 — and nothing would make us happier than that.

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Also on the soon-to-become-parents radar are Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and Lauren Silverman and Simon Cowell. Something tells us Jason and John are going to take to fatherhood like bees to honey, but we'll have to wait and see whether Simon has a softer side.

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SEIZE THE YA: We won't have to wait long to see if "Divergent" does for Shailene Woodley what "The Hunger Games" did for Jennifer Lawrence. After this year's "The Mortal Instruments" failed to become an international moneymaker as anticipated, we were reminded that just because a book has a fan following is no guarantee teens will flock to the theaters. Still, our gut tells us the Woodley plus Winslet (yes, Kate Winslet's in it too, ICYMI) is going to prove a winning pair.

And we couldn't talk movies without mentioning "Mockingjay: Part 1," the first of two films to close out the "Hunger Games" franchise. Considering how surprisingly great "Catching Fire" was, we've got high expectations for this next installment. Jennifer Lawrence remains one of our favorite stars of 2013 and we're confident she'll stay at the top of that prestigious group well into the next year.

MIDDLE EARTH: No celebrity overview would be complete without a few notable birthdays. "Wolf of Wall Street" star — and potential Oscar-nominee — Leonardo DiCaprio turns 40 on November 11. If his birthday bash is anything like the parties depicted in his latest Scorsese flick … it's going to be one wild night. Other stars to hit the big 4-0 in 2014 include "Hunger Games" mainstay Elizabeth Banks, "American Hustle's" Amy Adams, and funny man Jimmy Fallon. Also, Kate Moss technically leaves her 30s behind, but since she's apparently ageless, we're not sure anyone will notice.

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RING TIME: Finally, we couldn't end this synopsis without a wee bit of speculation as to which celebrities might get engaged. Despite his history of … umm … dating a lot, John Mayer seems pretty smitten with Katy Perry and we think there's a reasonable chance he will put on a ring on it. (You don't make a romantic music video with just anyone, now, do you?) Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis also wouldn't surprise us either, now that Ashton's divorce from Demi Moore is behind him. And while Pippa still seems to be enjoying the dating scene, Harry looks more serious these days with Cressida Bonas by his side — so a royal engagement in 2014 could definitely happen!

Obviously, most of this compilation is merely the result of some (very) educated guessing, but there's one thing we can definitely count on: Kanye's Adidas line will hit shelves by this time next year, which means we'll all be wearing leather jogging pants … while we watch Kim Kardashian walk down the aisle. Again. So raise a glass: 2014 here we come!