The Long and Short of It: A Haircut Faceoff!

Lauren Schutte
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If they say that three's a trend, then Hollywood is definitely in the throws of a hair chopping craze!

While the pixie cut is nothing new (Twiggy popularized it in the '60s after all), lately entertainment's leading ladies have been shedding their tresses for the close-cropped style.

Actress Kristen Chenoweth,45, is the latest star to lop her locks, tweeting a photo of her haircut on Nov. 1 and writing, "#weareThunder new haircut. New year. Championship? Oh yea," making a strange connection between her short 'do and hometown NBA team, the Oklahoma City Thunder's new season.

Omg! asked readers whether they preferred the actress's formerly flowing locks her new short style and most thought Chenoweth's pixie suits her!

[Embed Tweet here: “Pixie, she has lovely bone structure, highlighted by the pixie. The longer hair isn’t nearly as flattering.”]

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Kristen's 'do debut came in the same week that another blond bombshell, Pamela Anderson, stepped out in L.A. sans her signature golden mane.

She tweeted a pap shot of the look on Oct. 30, writing, "Just Do It." The results were mixed on Twitter, with some users praising her new style (one even said she looked young enough to be "her own daughter"!), while others said they preferred the onetime "Baywatch" babe with her formerly big bouncy coif.

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October saw a dramatic change for Jennifer Hudson as well, who had hairstylist Cesar Ramirez style her new cut. The Weight Watchers spokeswoman retweeted the headline “The pixie is the new black,” along with photos of her short style. The Twitterverse was complimentary of the look change-up, though most seemed to prefer the singer/actress with her longer locks.

[Embed: “omg Cute! It fits her I even think it will be cute longer.”]

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One of the most famous pixies in the last year has been sported by Charlize Theron, 38, who bravely shaved her head for her role in "Mad Max: Fury Road."

And the close cut seems to be working for her. User Amanda June Bell wrote that she prefers the Theron's hair short because, "When you've got a face like that, there is no need for hair."

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When it comes to Anne Hathaway, 30, who also cut her hair for a part — her Oscar-winning turn as Fantine in "Les Miserables" — her winning look also seems to have won the hearts of fans.

[Embed: “She looks much more sophisticated chopped. : ),” wrote Veronica Powell]

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"Once Upon a Time" actress Ginnfer Goodwin, 35, vowed never to have long hair again earlier this year, explaining she can wear wigs for roles that require it. "I really am super lazy and doing long hair, especially mine, is a big pain in the butt," she told omg!. "This honestly takes me two minutes."

While it may be a simpler style for her to manage, many readers preferred Goodwin's long locks.

Despite the divergent takes, it's clear who currently runs the world: Short-haired girls!