You’ll Never Guess Mariah Carey’s Favorite TV Show

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File this under 'Awesome': Mariah Carey is a huge "Game of Thrones" fan.

Nick Cannon and March of Dimes hosted a “Daddy’s Day Out” on Thursday for new fathers who have had children in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), and the "Americas Got Talent" judge talked with omg! about what a typical family night is like in the Cannon/Carey household.

"My favorite thing to do is lay in bed with my son, daughter, wife, and a bowl of popcorn and watch whatever," Cannon told omg!. "Seriously, [Mariah and I] have memorized every Shrek from 1 to 4. We will watch 'Shrek the Halls' in summer. 'The Lion King' is on all the time. You know we will see 'Monsters University.' But when the kids fall asleep, my wife will watch our shows. We love 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'Scandal,' and 'Homeland.'"

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We told Cannon that the fact "Game of Thrones" is not on that list is a problem.

"Oh, my wife is into 'Game of Thrones'! I'm not into it yet," Cannon laughed. "She loves it. She'll stay up late watching it. I tried watching it a couple times when she watches it. She's into 'The Tudors,' 'Game of Thrones' - it's all the same show to me. I'm like, 'Is Henry VIII in this one?' I know I have to get into it, because she loves it."

Carey, 43, and Cannon, 32, celebrated their fifth wedding anniversary last month by renewing their vows at Disneyland, and the couple has been going strong ever since they began secretly dating in March 2008 and married two months later.

So, what has been the key to maintaining a successful marriage?

"We are always busy, and I think that is one of the keys to it," Cannon told omg!. "Before we were married we were always working hard and on the go. We understood career is a priority. So, then when you can have a family with someone like that who is so understanding, it makes those times when you are together even more special. It's like wow, 'I know how much your career means to you, but nothing means more than our family.' It's almost this potent, concentrated time when we are all together."

Carey gave birth to daughter Monroe and son Moroccan, in April 2011. So are the twins in their terrible 2's stage yet?

"They are people now!" Cannon exclaimed about what milestones they have crossed. "Before they were babies, now they are people running around and talking, getting into everything. They both love music. My son really loves sports."

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Not to mention fashion (anyone who follows Carey and Cannon on Twitter or Instagram knows this).

"Their swag is all the way together," laughed Cannon. "They have everything from Jeremy Scott shoes to designer glasses that my daughter wears. They are a stylish duo."

With Father's Day on Sunday, it seems that Cannon is the only one in the family who isn't filled in on his plans just yet.

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"My father's day plans are interesting, it's a mission," he revealed. "I'm going to the South of France [today], my wife and kids are already there. They aren't giving me all the info! We're going between there and Italy I think. It's a surprise. We'll fly back to the States by Monday afternoon, but I leave the planning up to [Mariah]. I'm not supposed to be all the way involved."

Before jetting to Europe, Cannon hosted "Daddy's Day Out" at the SLS hotel, where he talked with the dads who have children in the NICU about all the exciting experiences to come.

"Being a new father - the greatest gift is my kids making me smile every day, so partnering with Oral B and March of Dimes, which is an organization near and dear to my heart, is amazing," Cannon said. "My wife and I have sponsored a few events with March of Dimes previously. This was cool to bring all of that together, and it's a great way to spend Father's Day with other young fathers."

Check out March of Dimes and share your #powerofdad moments or visit to learn more.

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