Lisa Vanderpump Talks ‘Real Housewives,’ ‘Vanderpump Rules,’ … and Butter?

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Lisa Vanderpump is one busy lady.

The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star, who just wrapped the Bravo series' third season, is currently a contestant on "Dancing With the Stars," is about to start production on Season 2 of her spin-off "Vanderpump Rules," and stars in her own web series with I Can't Believe It's not Butter … but more about that later.

The "RHoBH" reunion special brought some surprises, but the biggest for the show's own stars was the revelation that housewife Adrienne Maloof, Vanderpump's nemesis, would not be returning for a fourth season. "The fact that Adrienne was kind of fired on the show … nobody really expected that," Vanderpump tells omg! in a new interview.

The newly single mother of three sons took herself out of much of the filming this season after Brandi Glanville squealed to the other housewives that Maloof had hired a surrogate to carry her twins. "If you've got secrets, don't do a reality show," continues Vanderpump. "It's a job … you blog, you talk to your viewers, and you show up to the reunion. And that's what we signed up for."

Regarding the accusation from Kyle and Kim Richards that Yolanda Foster was trash-talking Vanderpump behind her back – which the sisters brought up on the reunion – Vanderpump reveals that her longtime friend gave her a heads up about it before the Richards did. "She kind of told me that she said something before that," reveals Vanderpump. "That's maybe why I get along so well with Brandi … because she'll say it to my face. And last season, all I saw was Kyle trashing me behind my back, and that's not something I appreciate."

Another housewife who trashed Vanderpump to her face was Faye Resnick, a friend of Kyle's, who randomly sparred with both Vanderpump and Glanville in the season finale. After the episode (and her bad antics) aired, Resnick claimed she was receiving death threats from fans. But Vanderpump doesn’t have much sympathy. "If you're going to say all those things and be aggressive, then you've got to live by the consequences, don't you?"

On Wednesday night at the Bravo Upfronts in New York City, it was announced that Vanderpump's spin-off, "Vanderpump Rules," about the wild times of her wait staff at West Hollywood restaurant, Sur, is getting a much-anticipated second season. And although they all behave very badly, she says the whole cast still works at Sur (even Jax, who quit on the finale). "They're all still there … a couple by the skin of their teeth."

And they may be more toned down than they were the first season. The show's breakout star (for all the wrong reasons), Stassi, came off terribly to fans, something that wasn't lost on her. Although she still has "attitude," says Vanderpump, "Maybe it should be a learning curve for her, maybe she should look at it and learn from it. I think that's what reality shows do. They give you this huge mirror and you have a chance to reflect."

With all the chaos from her busy life and reality shows, Vanderpump often finds serenity at her Beverly Hills Mansion, Villa Rosa. And the stunning property is the backdrop for her new project, "Breakfast For Dinner," a web series she produces with I Can't Believe It's Not Butter.

But don't plan on seeing the housewife in the kitchen. Instead, each webisode features a hunky culinary expert, like Chef Francis Dimitrius from her restaurant Villa Blanca, whipping up some of Vanderpump’s favorite morning meals, including veggie frittata, breakfast pizza, and Italian skillet eggs.

"To me, it just seemed like a great collaboration," she tells omg! about the project. "And they're really fun little vignettes. It takes the stress out of cooking and makes it sexy and fun."

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