Lisa Lampanelli Drops N-Word; Azealia Banks Defends Gay Slur

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Maybe we should call it anti-social media? At least when it comes to comedian Lisa Lampanelli and rapper Azealia Banks and their recent use of words that have long been associated with violence and hate speech.

Lampanelli posted a photo Monday on her WhoSay page of herself alongside it-girl Lena Dunham captioned, "Me with my n***a @LenaDunham of @HBOGirls - I love this beyotch!!" Lampanelli spelled out the word in full.

While it's likely that Lampanelli would justify use of the word as "comedy," the humor sure doesn't seem very apparent. She's known for regularly using the word in her roasts and stand-up routines, as well as regularly basing her jokes around minority groups.

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Meanwhile, rising hip-hop star Banks has continued to dig herself into a deeper and deeper hole over her appropriation of the gay slur that begins with the letter F.

She started out calling blogger Perez Hilton the derogatory term in early January. That prompted Jake Shears of the Scissor Sisters, who worked with Banks on his band's last album, to denounce her use of the word.

Banks then got into a Twitter argument last Friday defending herself: "Everyone pretending to be so shocked and moved by the word (fa***t)... It's like society is so bored with itself it needs to hold on to these outdated rules of what you can say and cannot say... Why has society accepted 'ni**er' As a colloquialism ... But will not accept '(fa***t)'?

"Everyones always acting like its f**king 1905 in this bitch. What is your definition of the word faggot? (Fa***t) means coward, liar, backstabber...... Energy stealer, blood sucker. Perez tries to get every gay person all riled up when the only (fa***t) I see ........ is him. It's really time for a cultural shift. All these leftover old world social themes we're all still trying to hold on to are BOOORRIIING"

And now this week, Banks is taking on the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, telling Australia’s, "There are such bigger problems… and then you've got organisations like GLAAD, which are f**king complete bulls**t.

"I mean let's look at it, it's gay and lesbian alliance against defamation, or whatever…. that's what it stands for, right? I mean would you agree that homosexuals, and the homosexual community, have bigger problems than the word (fa***t), you know what I mean?"

In response to Banks back in January, GLAAD Associate Director of Entertainment Matt Kane wrote, "Banks’ claim that the word "fa**ot" doesn’t mean a gay male is not true. Regardless of her intent or her personal definition, what matters is the meaning given to that word by those who hear it, and the damage it causes when they do. Undoubtedly there are gay kids who follow her on Twitter who hear this word in an entirely different context. This word is used almost universally by bullies, often as part of a larger verbal or physical assault. This word hurts those kids, no matter what Banks meant by it.”

Last Friday, GLAAD reached out to Banks on Twitter to offer to begin a dialogue about the issue.

omg! Has reached out to GLAAD for a response on Banks' most recent comments directed at them, but has not yet immediately received a response.

We don't think this is going to end quietly for either Lampanelli or Banks.

So, what do you think of these latest appropriations of these words? Does Banks have a point? Are either the comedienne or the rapper justified in their usages? Sound off, below!

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