How Lindsay Lohan Is Spending Her Time Before Entering Rehab on Thursday

Taryn Ryder
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Lindsay Lohan should really think about taking the subway.

The rehab-bound actress was photographed picking up her Porsche Panamera after it was towed in Brooklyn, New York, over the weekend and then taken to the police impound yard after it was illegally parked.

Maybe she lost track of time partying?

Lohan, who is expected to begin court-ordered rehab for 90-days on May 2, is spending her time club hopping in New York City (naturally). The "Mean Girls" star was spotted partying at 1OAK in Chelsea while her car was getting towed.

As for Lohan's looming rehab stint, it's still unclear as to where the 26-year-old actress will be going exactly.

The New York Post reports that on Thursday, Lohan will check into rehab at the Seafield Center in Westhampton Beach, New York. However, E! News reported that as of Friday, Lohan still had not picked a location, so she has left it up to her attorney Mark Heller. Lohan was supposedly eyeing the super luxurious Caribbean island facility Crossroads Antigua, where a three-month stay costs around $70,000.

With a little less than three days to go, Lohan should probably focus on getting her life in order rather than clubbing and dishing out money at the impound. Just a suggestion.

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