Lindsay Lohan Has a New Baby Brother

Sarah Flanigan
omg! Celeb News

While Lindsay Lohan spent Wednesday with her mother Dina in a Los Angeles courtroom, her father Michael and fiancée Kate Major were welcoming a son in Florida. Newborn Landon Major Lohan is Michael’s sixth child and Kate’s first. But Landon is not LiLo’s first half-sibling.

In November 2012, the world was semi astounded to hear that Michael had a lovechild in 1993 with another woman — while he was still married to Dina — in between the births of daughter Ali in 1993 and son Cody in 1996.

Check out this vid to hear more about LiLo's ever growing family.

In other Lohan news, when Lindsay and her mom were turned away from two hotels earlier this week, according to TMZ it was the kind folks of the Beverly Hills Hotel who finally rented them a room.

In the meantime, the starlet is reportedly planning to file a $1.1 million lawsuit against the 6126 Collection, the clothing manufacturer that sold the line of leggings Lindsay designed back in 2008, this also according to TMZ. Lohan claims she owns the trademark for the brand, which was named for Marilyn Monroe’s birthday.

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