Leonardo DiCaprio Taking a Break From Acting

Rachel Hoffman
omg! Celeb News

Leonardo DiCaprio has decided he’s had enough of acting… at least for now. The 38-year-old star has been acting in films since he was a young child, but according to the German Newspaper Bild, after shooting three films back-to-back, he’s decided that he needs a break.

Don’t panic though, the award winning actor isn’t done with the big screen completely yet. He merely wants to just take it easy after two years of non-stop filming.

DiCaprio was nominated for a 2013 Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for “Django Unchained” and has two highly anticipated films coming out this year: Baz Luhrmann’s remake of “The Great Gatsby” and the Martin Scorsese directed “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

So, what’s he gonna do with all he free time on his hands? Check out the video to figure out what Leo’s plans are during his Hollywood hiatus.

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