Kris Jenner ‘Wishes People Would Use Their Head’ on Kim Rumors

Matt Donnelly
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As Kris Jenner attempts to dominate summer airwaves with her forthcoming debut talk show, she's got plenty to say to stir up some heat.

The reality matriarch serves as cover girl for the new issue of The Hollywood Reporter, and dishes on everything from pregnant daughter Kim, to plastic surgery, to her discount shopping delight.

"No! The reports that she's had anything done while she's pregnant -- it's so stupid. I just wish people would use their head," Jenner says, slamming rumors that Kim, currently expecting her first child with rapper Kanye West, has had any plastic surgery during her pregnancy.

Jenner also confronts her own dalliances with the knife, which THR estimates at about $250,000 worth of cosmetic procedures.

Though the mom of six denies the tally, she admits "I had my neck done, and it was a great experience."

Jenner and her producers say the chat show, titled "Kris," won't be a reinvention of the wheel, more about "the cult of personality." And the 57-year-old insists she has one.

"I love, love, love to shop at Costco!" she exclaims.

"You see her [on "Keeping Up with Kardashians"] as this 'momager' type," daughter Kim says in the same interview. "It would be better if people saw just how nurturing she is. She wants to help people and get it all done -- it's not craziness all the time. This is a perfect platform to show a side of her that hasn't been shown before."

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