Kris Jenner Admits ‘Sometimes I’m Very Scared’

Sarah Flanigan
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Kris Jenner Admits ‘Sometimes I’m Very Scared’

Kris Kardashian is opening up about her new daytime talk show, “Kris,” her life, and her ever growing empire in the June 21 issue of The Hollywood Reporter. The 57-year-old manages the careers of her six children, her chat show debuts July 15, she's currently filming the eighth season of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians,” and she supervises her and her children's makeup and clothing lines.

So, while it might seem like Kris can do it all and still remain composed, she admitted to the mag that isn’t always the case. “I may put on a brave face from time to time, but inside, sometimes I’m very scared,” she said.

The Momager and her famous family might get a lot of criticism in the media, she thinks that her reality show speaks for itself. “It’s so funny that somebody can criticize a show like ours, and yet we employ hundreds of people. And it’s been such a great learning experience for all of my kids. It’s the best education I could offer them.”

But now, it’s all about Kris on her talk show and she isn’t letting the comments stop her from accomplishing her dream to inspire others,"So many women give up in life when they get a little bit older," she said, adding, "I want to be a positive influence. I want to come from a really good place. Some people are just lost, and maybe I can be an inspiration."

Check out this video to see what else Kris had to say about her new career adventure.

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