Kirstie Alley and Other Angry Fans Bash Juan Pablo During 'Bachelor' Finale

Hallie Stephens
Yahoo Celebrity

Monday night's season finale of "The Bachelor" left fans outraged after Juan Pablo broke Clare's heart and left Nikki without a proposal or an "I love you." Angry viewers — including Kirstie Alley — immediately took to Twitter to voice their upset at the ABC reality star.

The "Kirstie" star unleashed her furry tweeting, "I HATE THIS A******!!! He is a jerk!!!! STRAIGHT UP!!" She later added, "he's says I'm honest like a broken record.. which means he's a colossal liar," and "I wish she had spit in his face....ok fair enough... imma hot blooded Latino."

Alley may have been one of Juan Pablo's more high-profile critics, but she wasn't his only critic — by far. Twitter exploded with comments about the single dad.

@fortheglow vented, "Uh. #JuanPablo is making every man in America (including our ex-boyfriends) look like sweet angels. #itsookay." And @AshWilke wrote, "#JuanPablo is the worst bachelor in the history of the show."

And female fans weren't the only ones reacting to the controversial season finale. @ChrisEgan5 tweeted, "Thank you #bachelor producers This #JuanPablo guy has my wife thinking I'm Prince Charming and I'm drinking beer n eating KFC while watching."

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