Kim Kardashian’s Star Trainer: ‘I’ve Got Her Back’

Matt Donnelly
omg! Celeb News

From her maternity style to weight gain, the chatter about Kim Kardashian as an expectant mom seems endless. The 32-year-old reality star, however, has the best possible tool for fighting off her critics: star trainer Tracy Anderson.

The guru responsible for the bodies on Gwyneth Paltrow, Molly Sims, and Stacy Keibler is working with Kardashian to devise a post-baby-fitness plan. In the meantime, Anderson is insisting Kim take it easy.

"She's one of those women whose work ethic is undeniable," Anderson told omg! at Thursday's opening of the Brentwood, California, branch of her eponymous gym chain. "Her job is so demanding, so I've been emailing her saying, 'Chill out! Enjoy your pregnancy and relax because I'm going to get you back."

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Anderson also urges first-time mom-to-be to block out all that negative feedback while she's carrying Kanye West's baby.

"Everyone's journey is completely unique, no one should ever judge that path. I've got her back," Anderson said.

And it's a muscular back, to boot. We wouldn't mess with her.

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