Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries Divorce Finalized

Jeremy Blacklow
omg! Celeb News

At long last, Kim Kardashian has been granted the divorce she's wanted from Kris Humphries.

The pregnant "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star was in court Friday morning with attorney Laura Wasser and was granted a dissolution of marriage due to "irreconcilable differences." The court must sign off on the judgment by June 19. Humphries was not in court again today.

Team Humphries consented after the judge told the NBA player would never prove fraud and recommended that he just needed to "settle and move on," "omg! Insider" has learned.

"As a result of this agreement, we will not have a trial in this case," Judge Hank M. Goldberg said. "I want to congratulate the attorneys on both sides. This is a sensible way to resolve this case."

The reason the case carried on for well over a year is that Humphries wanted an annulment rather than a divorce, on the grounds that Kardashian committed fraud. He reportedly was seeking $7 million from his now ex-wife.

According to TMZ, Humphries will receive no money and each party will pay their own attorney's fees. The site also reports that although Humphries was potentially going to be fined for no-showing in court last week (because he has been practicing for the NBA playoffs), Kardashian asked the judge to drop that penalty.

Kim and Kris married on August 20, 2011, and separated on October 31, 2011. They were married for 72 days, and the divorce took 535 days to be finalized. In other words, their separation period was more than 7 times the length they were actually married for.

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