Kevin Costner, Spike Lee, and More Remember the Late Philip Seymour Hoffman

Rebecca Zamer
Yahoo Celebrity
Kevin Costner, Spike Lee, and More Remember the Late Philip Seymour Hoffman

Philip Seymour Hoffman's legacy won't be soon forgotten due to his enormous on-screen talent as well as his off-screen persona. After hearing the news of his death on Sunday, stars attended the Super Bowl with heavy hearts, sharing their reflections with the "The Insider" at Fox's pre-game red carpet.

Kevin Costner admitted that he never had the opportunity to work with Hoffman but that didn’t mean he didn't try. "He really emerged on the scene in 'Boogie Nights,'" Costner said. "He was a giant talent, and I chased him for some parts to play for me. He was just special. He was like a Rod Steiger: he was a great actor and then you wake up and you're gone."

Though Costner never had the chance to work with Hoffman, Spike Lee did, directing the Oscar winner in 2002's "25th Hour." Lee admitted he reached out to Hoffman's co-stars from that film after hearing the news.

"[It's a] great, great loss. I'm thinking about his three young kids," he said. "I spoke to Edward Norton today, Barry Pepper, and Rosario [Dawson], and we’re all just crushed."

Unfortunately, Hoffman, 46, wasn't just known for his great talent — he also famously struggled with addiction, something "Breaking Bad" actor Aaron Paul candidly addressed. "I've been so inspired and impressed by that man ever since I can remember and it's such a travesty and a brutal reminder that addictions are grueling and so hard to overcome," he said. "My condolences go out to everyone who has been affected by it."

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