Kevin and Danielle Jonas Document the Birth of Their Baby — With Sponsored Tweets

Elizabeth Durand Streisand
Yahoo Celebrity

How you choose to bring your baby into this world is a very personal decision. There are home births. There are water births. And now, there are sponsored Twitter births. Yes, that's correct.

Oh! And, on that note, the birth of the Jonas baby Sunday was sponsored by laundry detergent, who debuted the first pic of Alena Rose Jonas on Twitter just before 3 p.m. PT.

Starting Saturday afternoon, Kevin Jonas began tweeting about how excited he was for the impending arrival of his first child, also casually mentioning how much he loves Dreft. Apparently, they started doing their daughter's laundry before she was out of the womb.

Then early Sunday morning he followed up with a photo of a hospital monitor explaining to friends and fans that this was the real deal. Oh, and he also told everyone to follow Dreft to stay on top of the story.

A bit later on, when his daughter's birth seemed ever more imminent, he sent out a few non-sponsored tweets.


But don't worry — even though he had (temporarily) refrained from touting the baby-friendly detergent brand, it was picking up the slack. After all, this isn't just the birth of a baby; it's the birth of a marketing partnership.


So much for that People magazine cover.

Finally, a marketing star is born!