Katy Perry’s Drab Style Makeunder: Is John Mayer to Blame?

Suzy Byrne
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Katy Perry has always been a style chameleon, but her newest look is – dare we say – dowdy.

Over the weekend, the 28-year-old and her boyfriend, John Mayer, enjoyed a dinner date at Italian eatery Osteria Mozza in West Hollywood, California. However, we had to do a double take at the photo of the couple emerging from the restaurant after their meal: Perry, known for her colorful and fun fashion sense, blended into the background in drab shin-length floral frock that had an almost camouflage effect.

The dress, which she could certainly rewear to her minister parents’ next Sunday sermon, is one of several brow-raising fashion choices made by the “Part of Me” singer lately. Most notably, while checking out "A Christmas Story: The Musical" with Mayer on Broadway last month, Perry donned a long patterned sweater coat, which looked like something you’d find in grandma’s closet.

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Perry’s fashion makeunder is unusual because ever since Perry burst onto the scene singing about kissing girls back in 2008, she has always stood out from the crowd. You never knew what color her hair would be (Smurf blue, anyone?), she’d be rocking some unique nail art, and her bra top could double as a toy, shooting out whipped cream – or sparks! And while we certainly can appreciate her style maturing (you can’t wear cupcake dresses forever, can you?), we feel like she’s fast-forwarded from outrageous to … old-fashioned.

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And when we look at Katy’s camo look, we can’t help but wonder if Mayer, 35, is somehow behind it. After all, when the “Your Body Is a Wonderland” singer dated Jessica Simpson in 2006, the “Fashion Star” did a full transformation in front of our eyes. Her trademark blond locks were replaced with a chocolate hue not unlike Mayer’s hair color – and she looked nothing like the girl we once knew.

So while we’re happy she’s in love, we’d like a little of the old Perry back – even a single hair streak will do.

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