Katherine Webb Kicks Off Her Super Bowl Reporting Gig

Taryn Ryder
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Katherine Webb is working her newfound “fame.”

Miss Alabama, known for being the girlfriend of University of Alabama national championship quarterback AJ McCarron, is covering the Super Bowl for “Inside Edition” and during Tuesday’s media day she managed to grab more attention than the San Francisco 49ers (you know, who are actually playing on Sunday).

Journalists and reporters in New Orleans for Sunday’s big game were arguably more focused on Webb than on any of the actual players. Since revealing she thought she was destined for Hollywood, the former beauty pageant contestant has wasted no time settling in.

In just the three short weeks since ESPN cameras lingered on her at the BCS title game, Webb has signed on to the reality show “Celebrity Diving,” plans to move to New York City to pursue a modeling career, has hired a publicist and agent, and is reportedly fielding an offer to join “Dancing with the Stars.”

As for McCarron (who by all logic, should be considered the actual star in this relationship), the future pro football player has reportedly given his blessing for his girlfriend to pursue a career in Hollywood after initially being against it.

But can you really blame Webb for going after opportunities that are getting thrown her way? And what does her ascent to fame say about our society and the standards we deem acceptable for being a “star” nowadays.

Thanks a lot, Kardashians!

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