Kate Upton, Chrissy Teigen, and Other Beauties Heat Up Sports Illustrated’s 2013 Swimsuit Issue

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After the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition was released last February, the public couldn’t get enough of Kate Upton, the issue’s then-19-year-old cover model. Fast forward a year later and, well, the world still seems pretty Kate crazy.

The Internet was abuzz on Friday, the day the 2013 issue’s cover leaked online and it was discovered that the face – and body – of the special issue was, yet again, Kate Upton, now clocking in at the ripe-old age of 20.

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But before you get too hung up on Kate, there are plenty of other females with fabulous figures inside the mag as well. Lucky for you, Sports Illustrated has shared some of the sexy shots with omg!.

Models Hannah Davis and Alyssa Miller, both 22, and the future Mrs. John Legend, 27-year-old Chrissy Teigen, didn’t make the cover, but their photo shoots were most likely much more enjoyable than Upton’s, as all three ladies look got to don their two-pieces in warmer climates, or at least warmer than the icy outdoors, where Upton was photographed. Teigen traveled to Easter Island, Chile, for her shoot; Miller was photographed in Great Barrier Reef, Australia; and rookie Davis had China as her background.

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As for why Upton has been plucked from the usual tropical locales that typically serve as the backdrops of most of SI’s swimsuit shoots, this year the models and photographers traveled to all seven continents, including Antarctica, where the cover shoot took place (thus the parka). While one would imagine that readers are probably more interested in the scantily clad young models than the landscapes in the background, Sports Illustrated decided to travel the globe anyway.

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And for those of you disappointed that Upton was only wearing half of a swimsuit on the cover of the swimsuit issue, well the suit she’s wearing in this inside shot may not be all that substantial, but it at least comes with a top!

The penguins in the background, however, don’t seem the least bit fazed by the ample assets in their midst. Maybe Uptonmania hasn’t made it to the South Pole yet.

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